SpreadTrends Data API

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Fetches NFL team statistics for a season or the week within a season.

The following routes are available for this service:
NameParameterData TypeRequiredDescription
SeasonpathintNoThe season to fetch team statistics by. Default is the current season.
WeekpathintNoThe week to refine season results by.
TeampathintYesThe team to fetch statistic for.

To override the Content-type in your clients HTTP Accept Header, append the .jsv suffix or ?format=jsv


The following are sample HTTP requests and responses. The placeholders shown need to be replaced with actual values.

POST /jsv/oneway/TeamStats HTTP/1.1 
Host: www.spreadtrends.com 
Content-Type: text/jsv
Content-Length: length

	season: 0,
	week: 0,
	team: String,
	games: 0,
	points: 0,
	ppg: 0,
	att: 0,
	attPerGame: 0,
	comp: 0,
	compPct: 0,
	compPerGame: 0,
	passYds: 0,
	passYdsPerGame: 0,
	passAvg: 0,
	passTds: 0,
	tdPct: 0,
	sacks: 0,
	sackYds: 0,
	ints: 0,
	intPct: 0,
	rating: 0,
	rush: 0,
	rushYds: 0,
	rushYdsPerGame: 0,
	rushAvg: 0,
	rushTds: 0,
	rec: 0,
	recYds: 0,
	recYdsPerGame: 0,
	recAvg: 0,
	recTds: 0