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Quality comparisons for every game measured side by side based on trends.

You'll see how a team performs against the point spread in key situations and learn how teams trend against each other. You can drill down on any NFL team to get a detailed breakdown of their point spread play. These breakdown reports offer a comprehensive picture of how a team is performing in relevant scenarios. You can also see trends happening at the broader league level, for example AFC versus NFC matchups. We have some of the most accurate and interesting handicapping data available anywhere- data similar to the data that pro handicappers and sportsbooks have when they set a point spread for a game. We include weather and key in-game player injuries that may have affected the outcome of a previous game, so you can weigh that outcome appropriately. Our free reports and future game analysis can be used alongside your own game analysis, to enhance your winning or fantasy play. See Matchup Analysis

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Use Our Programmer API To Access Our NFL Data

With our REST based API you can build your own interesting trends website or perform your own analysis programmatically.

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